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Support & Disaster Recovery

Support & Disaster Recovery

The immense popularity of WordPress means that it is an easy target for hackers but you don’t have to take it lying down. WordPress is secure, there are lots of factors such as theme code, plugins or the hosting environment which may allow a hacker to compromise your website. Maintaining your websites security is as important as paying your electricity bill – if it’s not looked after, the lights go out.


of all WordPress sites vulnerable to attack


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attacks per second world wide

WordPress Support & Maintenance

If you have a WordPress website and you are only looking for updates or alterations to it then I would be happy to help you with that.

I can audit your website and make sure that things are running smoothly, I can make suggestions on how to improve aspects of it and I can help keep it up to date and bug free. You can take up a monthly maintenance contract or I can do it here and there, however best suits you.

Attacks & Disaster Recover

Websites are constantly under attack from people and robots, trying desperately to gain access to any part of your site that will allow them to insert code to either send out spam email in an attempt to harvest unsuspecting peoples information or to show adverts on your website and have your customers click on them which in turn earns the hacker money.

It is very important to keep WordPress and any plugins that you use up to date and to do daily security auditing of your website to ensure its a safe place for your customers to be.

I can help you with security hardening of your website, I can make it a hostile place for a person or robot with ill-intent towards your website or your customers.

From daily security scanning and constant monitoring of activity on your website to comprehensive server security configurations, I can help you keep things safe and secure.

In the event that something has already happened to your website and you require fast assistance, I can apply my knowledge of how hackers attack WordPress and its plugins to help recover your website. If your website has been defaced, content lost, plugin functionality removed or broken, spam emails being sent out from your website or if your website is under heavy attack from a brute-force attack, I can help mitigate the attack, reduce your loss and recover your website in most cases to how it should be.

WordPress is a secure and stable platform for your website, however just like doors, given the correct key, they can – like any website – be opened. I can help you add extra locks and peepholes to your doors, or if need be, I can stand outside and guard it.

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