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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

WordPress started as a simple blogging tool, forked from a project called b2. It has since grown to become one of the largest Open Source communities the internet has. Over the years WordPress has changed from a simple blogging tool to a fully functional Content Management System and with it, thousands of developers have brought their own ideas to it with their own plugins and themes.


of the internet is powered by WordPress


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I believe I have a unique approach to WordPress development. Where some people may install multiple plugins to do one job, my philosophy has always been to use as little plugins as possible, instead relying on WordPress’ core functions and APIs.

This approach allows me to build very light weight websites which are still feature rich, however they do not break 6 months later from a plugin update. Using WordPress’ own functions and APIs means that the only thing your website will rely on is WordPress itself.

I have been making websites with WordPress since 2010 and in that time I’ve become very proficient with it, using it to make everything from a simple personal blog to large e-commerce websites which turn over more than a million pounds in a year.

As well as developing WordPress websites I also take on a consulting roles where I will talk through best practices and development approaches with digital agencies development teams. I can advise on the best approach to take for developing certain websites and advise on what plugins should and should not be used for certain approaches.

Take a look at some of the websites I have created using WordPress and if you’d like to chat about your requirements then please fill out the quick contact form.

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